Graphic Identity for a community project exhibition in Somers Town, London.

Led by Joana Monteiro, PhD student at London College of Fashion,
University of the Arts London, the exhibition is a culmination of a series
of workshops exploring different ways of designing garments. 

My inspiration for the identity came from the shapes used in pattern cutting
which I used as frames for text and photographs.



In this work, I have explored the use of visual metaphors in science communication.
Logic Captured in the Material is a project explaining the fundamental ideas behind how computers work and at the same time asking questions about the challenges of looking at ourselves through the concept of a computer.
I have combined hand-drawn illustration and animation with visual coding.

See the full project at:

Part of my graduation project for MA in GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION DESIGN CSM 2021

Animation, illustration, p5.js, web design


Storytelling Science is a collaborative project between UAL and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in which a group of postgraduate students from CSM were invited to design and deliver online creative science communication workshops with school children aged 13-17.

My team have designed a workshop platform using Miro with board games, interactive presentation and quizzes. My contribution included designing posters, banners and trailer video and other graphics for the workshops as well as co-designing main board game mechanics 

Project created during MA Graphic Communication Design at CSM

A film documenting the workshops made by Animate Projects is available to watch here



Tired and Bored is a publication exploring the notion of banality of life seen through the representation of modern domesticity in stock photography.
I have recreated stock photography used for advertising mortgages and juxtaposed them with everyday text messages between me and my partner. This project was prompted by an attempt to repurpose advertising material into new work with altered meaning.

Project created during MA Graphic Communication Design at CSM


Black-Out Library is a book containing first pages of literary fictions as a library item which subsequent borrowers are encouraged to "vandalise" by blacking out words, sentences or whole passages to censor, erase and create new meaning.

I have used George Orwell's 1984 and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 first pages as both books deal with the notions of censoring, altering, redacting and destroying written works.
I have also created a digital version of the book available at

The project was part of MA Graphic Communication Design at CSM 2020

Risograph book, Website